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This section contains some of the recent images I've made. It's a quick way to share some interesting shots without having to categorize them in the galleries. Some day maybe a few of them will make it into the galleries.

If you want to see older recent images (does that really make sense?) just click on the "more recent images" link and you'll pass backwards in time. This section is in the process of changing yet again. It will be more like a gallery of galleries. Oh boy! So click on an image below to be taken to a room full of similar images.


Night Blooming Cereus 2014

Ohio State Fair 2014

Red White & Boom 2015

Delaware County Fair 2016

Chinese Lantern Festival 2016

Red White & Boom 2013

Ohio State Fair 2013

Columbus Zoo 2013

Night Blooming Cereus 2013

Delaware County Fair 2013

More Summer - 2012

Day Trip to Carlos, Indiana

Fall 2012

The Cat - Maggie

Holiday Lights 2012

Fun Summer Shooting 2012

The Color Run 2012

Ohio State Fair 2012

Night Blooming Cereus 2012

Summer Garden 2012

Holdiay Lights 2011

Mansfield Reformatory

Spring 2012

More Spring 2012

My Spring Garden 2012

Ohio State Fair 2011

Dublin Irish Festival 2011

Late Summer 2011

Summer at the Zoo

Delaware County Fair

Chasing Wildflowers

Street Photography

Fawn at the Cabin

Over The Edge 2011

My Garden 2011

At the Conservatory

Stratford Ecological Center

Water and Snow 2011

Hocking County in Winter

Lights at the Zoo

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